Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


FacilityBot can be used as a room or common facility booking system (including tennis courts, barbecue pits, shared vehicles, etc.).
Managers can easily create rooms or common facilities of any type using the FacilityBot portal. They can set the available periods and upload images of the facility. Requestors can then book these facilities using their preferred messaging channels.
With this improved feature, Requestors can now book facilities from the Requestor (Tenant) Web Portal.
FacilityBot’s Meter feature allows facility managers to track utility consumption and asset usage. FacilityBot enables easy creation of meters of any type, including equipment usage, water, and energy meters. Meter readings can then be entered for each meter and aggregated in FacilityBot for easier analysis in the future.
You can now include images when updating the meter reading.
Facility managers may sometimes appoint pre-approved vendors with an approved list of prices for each specific activity or line item. FacilityBot’s Schedule of Rates feature allows Facility managers to upload and keep track of these prices in the system for each pre-approved vendor.
You can now quote from Schedule of Rates for prices that have decimal numbers.
Fault Types are used to identify different types of faults that Requestors can report. Each Fault Report is linked to a Fault Type. This allows them to be managed by what kind of fault has happened. Fault Types can be used to set up automatic workflows to assign Requests to Responders depending on the fault. They can also be used to break down and analyse report data.
Each Fault Type can also have multiple Sub-Types. Fault Sub-Types are useful to classify the fault in more specific detail. You can now filter the request based on Fault Sub-Types.
Facility managers may want to see whether a technician is available to be assigned to a fault report or service request. FacilityBot’s Availability Status allows Admins, Managers, Responders to indicate whether they are available for assignment. Activity indicators are used to indicate the user’s current status to team members.
Managers may want to have a list of customers they work with. Facilitybot’s Customers feature allows you to manage customers or tenants and link them to requestors. Customers can be billed using the billing feature. Customers can also be linked to Checklists so that the checklist PDF can be automatically sent to the customer after it is completed.
The IoT integration feature in FacilityBot allows facility managers to integrate IOT sensors to FacilityBot. FacilityBot can then automatically create a request ticket and alert a Responder when the sensors are triggered. Managers may want to trigger sensors based on change of parameters.
The approved expenditure linked to requests can now be added to Request CSV Export.
Linking child checklists to customers will allow viewing of all checklists completed for this customer. Linking child checklists to customers will be also be helpful when scheduling checklists for Responders. You can now edit customer link for child checklist.
Checklist calendar shows your preventive maintenance calendar. You can select whether you want to view the monthly, weekly, or daily calendar. You can search for a specific checklist on the calendar using the search field. Filter the calendar by the responders checklists are assigned to, location tags, assets, labels, or customers linked. You can also hide pending checklists by turning this toggle to on. The checklist calendar can be exported as PDF.
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